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INI offers two flavors of telephone systems, onsite and managed.

Our hosted VOIP solution ranges from a basic low cost solution to the most advanced VOIP telephone systems. VOIP Telephone is a merger of voice and data, offering advantages including the lower cost of only having to maintain one transmission network versus separate networks for voice and data.

Our managed PBX offering allows you to avoid purchasing and housing your own telephone system. In addition, this network based VOIP solution allows any data jack in the world to be part of your company’s internal phone system. You will be able to plug into a jack at hotels, homes, or dozens of other locations and receive your telephone calls while having your voicemails delivered to your email inbox for easy access and storage.

INI acts as an interface to your telephone network provider in the areas of network design, ordering, and trouble reporting/ resolution. Agency services are offered as time & materials to INI clients who are utilizing us on an active project, maintenance customers, and clients who have contracted for network services through INI.

ACD is another technology that was originally built for large organizations but is now cost eff ective for any size organization. If your organization has a large number of inbound calls to a help desk, inside sales group, etc. then this technology typically has a substantial ROI.

INI offers several different support packages for your IT network. These include T&M contracts, Full Service contracts and Virtual IT Support. Having a support agreement allows you to know your annual cost of maintenance on your system, and provides the security of knowing that we will respond to any problems that arise within a short period of time. In addition to maintaining your network, we can perform any moves, additions, and changes you may require.

INI can provide a voicemail or automated attendant for your organization if, or can help maintain your current one.

INI is experienced in installing all types of wiring infrastructure, including indoors and outdoors, aerial and subterranean, and copper, fiber or co-axial. All wiring is tested and certified. This service is also available for existing wiring, and if connecting your network via cabling is not your preference, we offer wireless solutions to meet your needs.

We are authorized distributors for multiple providers. Our offerings include basic to the most advanced services available.

  • Paging: For large areas that need voice coverage
  • Battery Backup
  • Lighting Protection
  • Music/ Marketing on hold
  • Security and Close Circuit Video